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Cell phone adapter




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Cabin and lake home owners can directly connect their cell phones to existing phone lines, making local phone service unnecessary.   With many cell phone plans offering free long distance and extra evening and weekend minutes, hundreds of dollars can be saved by avoiding phone company hook up and service costs.   It is as easy as putting your phone on a charger.   Even better, by adding one of our antenna boosters, you can have a reliable connection, even where cell phone coverage is spotty.


bulletSave money
Use this instead of paying for a local phone line.
Uses your existing wired phones (even cordless!)
bulletSave more money
Use free nights, weekend and long distance minutes from your cell phone plan.
Keep cell phone at a distance.
bulletEnhanced reception
Stationary location of cell phone reduces poor reception. Optional antenna boosts coverage.
Traveling, or at your home, people reach you at the same number.
bulletBuilt-In charger
Rapidly recharges you cell phone battery.


(Choose model)     (Q&A)     (Technical Specifications)


Choose the model:

  CONVERT-5100     Fits Nokia 5100/6100/7100 Series  $89  


  CONVERT-5100-AJ     Fits Nokia 5100/6100/7100 Series (with TNC antenna jack, ready for high gain or remote antenna)  $119


61622  NEW!   Fits Nokia 5100/6100/7100 Series (includes antenna)  $129


61622-63  NEW!   Fits Nokia 6360, 6310 Series   $129



9199    Antenna for NAC Models older than 5161   $25


4 Element YAGI  Antenna, Yagi 4 Element (806-894MHz) For Cellular Phones   $69


8 Element YAGI  Antenna, Yagi 8 Element (806-894MHz) For Cellular Phones $99


TNC 10 meter cable   TNC to TNC, 33 ft. antenna connection cable. $49




Coming soon:

  CONVERT-STAR     Fits Motorola Startac/Timeport 8000   
  CONVERT-STAR-AJ     Fits Motorola Startac/Timeport 8000 (with TNC antenna jack)     


CellSocket Q&A

What is it?

An interface device between a cellular phone and landline hardware. Your customer can use their landline home phone hardware to make calls through their cellular phone.

Why would I want it?

  1. You can use: · Unused cellular phone minutes · Unused night and weekend minutes · Unused long distance minutes all with the comfort and convenience of your home phones.
  2. You have the option to shut your home phone service off!
  3. You can use your standard wired phones, as before, but the calls run through your cell phone.

Scenario 1 (Simple Cordless Home Phone)
Plug one or more cordless telephones into cellsocket use anywhere in the house.
Scenario 2 (Single Person)
Shut off home phone service; plug the RJ11 into one phone jack on the wall. All calls from any home phone are made using cell phone.
Scenario 3 (Family)
If home has dual RJ11 Jacks already on the wall, make sure one line is not used (dead line). Plug the RJ11 into the unused set of jacks. Use either 2 line phones or separate phones for each line.(If home does not have dual RJ11 wall plates, see below*)

Specialty uses:

bulletTemporary housing units
bulletBusiness backup phone systems
bulletAutomatic dialers for Alarm systems

What is the output connector?

Standard modular RJ11 plug.

Can I plug it in existing home phone jacks?

ONLY if you have a dead line (no dial tone)
If your do not have a dead line… Use cordless or regular home phones plugged directly into the Cellsocket OR *(Professional installer recommended) Install dual RJ11 jack plates… wire with remaining black and yellow wires. Use 2 line phones or insert a separate phone in each jack.

Can I make outgoing calls?

Yes. Just pick up the phone and dial.

Will I see caller ID on house phones during incoming calls?

          Only on the cellular phone itself as it sits in the charger.

What are the exact model numbers of compatible phones?

5110 6110
5120 6120
5125 6121
5130 6130
5160 6150
5165 6160
5170 6161
5180 6162
5185 6185
5190 6190



Supplied Accessories:

AC Adapter                                         120 VAC, 60 Hz, UL listed (US plug)

Telephone Cord                                   6’ (2M) 4-wire, RJ-11, male to male


Operating Temperature                         20 to 50 degrees Celsius

Storage Temperature                            - 40 to 70 degrees Celsius

Operating Humidity                               Indoor Environment (20 to 80 %, non-condensing)

Storage Humidity                                  Dry Environment (0 to 90 %, non-condensing)


Dimensions                                           4.75” (121) wide, 6.5” (165) deep, 4.75 (134)” high

Weight                                                 12 ounces (373g) - less phone and AC adapter

Color                                                   Black

Retail Box:

Dimensions                                           10” (254) wide, 7.25” (184) deep, 5.25 (121)” high

Weight                                                 2.2 lbs. (1Kg) – with AC adapter, phone cord, and user’s guide


Underwriters Laboratories                    Listed product - US and Canada

FCC and Industry Canada                    Part 15, Class B digital device (for home or office use)


Power Input                                             12VDC, 500mA max.

Power Connector                                     M5.5 x M2.5 coaxial, tip positive

Telephone Connector                              USOC RJ-11, 2-wire jack

Subscriber Line Power                            24VDC (nominal, on-hook)

Line Impedance                                        600 Ohms

Ringer Drive Capacity                               3 REN, 90 VAC RMS

Caller ID (GSM Only)                                  MDMF compatible (US)

Cellular Phone Interface                            Serial, NokiaÔ Proprietary (Model Convert 5100, Convert-5100-AJ)

Battery Charger                                    Compatible with NokiaÔ phones and batteries (Model Convert 5100, Convert-5100-AJ)

Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.





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